5 Ways to Make Healthier Food Choices, Instantly


Are you like many people and find that juggling a busy life and eating healthily isn’t always easy? You want to enjoy eating, nourish your body with good food and take care of what is most precious (your health). However, your hectic schedule and life’s stresses mean it is often easier to just grab some instant convenience food off the shelf. And that takes a toll on your health and your waistline!

How can we juggle all that?

The good news is that eating healthier food doesn’t mean having to invest long hours into slow-cooked meals or scrutinizing every morsel you consume.

Implement these 5 tips from your very next meal and you’ll find yourself happily eating healthier, instantly:

1. Know what you’re eating

Learn to read nutrition labels and what goes into your food. Cut processed food laden with chemicals or additives, and simply replace them with simple, real food. ‘Clean eating’ as we say. Here are some suggestions on really easy food swaps to help you: 

2. Control those calories

Big changes begin with small micro actions that add up over time. Cut your calories 1-2 items at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Start with the items that have the highest calories and least nutritional value – e.g. the cream sauce, how much salad dressing you have or the layers of fat on meat. Next, make half your plate vegetables and fruit.

3. Drink water, not sugar

Skip the sugared drinks when dining out or supermarket shopping.  Switch to plain water  – that’s best as water is zero calories, fills you up and your body needs it to function. Alternatively, flavour water naturally with sliced fruit (try these: cucumber, lime, lemongrass, strawberries, mint, oranges… have fun getting creative!).

4. Snack healthily

Eating healthily doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious snacks. It just means choosing simple, healthier options when that snack attack hits. Instead of sugar-rich milk chocolate with a sweet candy filling, go for dark chocolate coated nuts. Have a piece of fruit which is a good source of natural sugar. Have a steamed rice roll (chee cheong fun). Try a small tub of low fat yoghurt with 2 tablespoons of blueberries making it high in antioxidants and probiotics. Have a steamed red bean bun – did you know they come in wholemeal versions these days. Try a handful of nuts or a protein shake. Or perhaps have some carrot or celery sticks with low fat cottage cheese or tahini.

5. Choose the right carbs

Go for carbs that aren’t all bleach-white in color. Instead have wholemeal versions such as brown/red/black rice, whole wheat bread or pasta and sweet potatoes. These are more nutritious, will keep you feeling fuller for longer and will make your meals more interesting too as they vary in texture and taste.

At Active8me, we understand that life is busy and can be a juggle. And we know it isn’t always easy. However, we know that nourishing your body is important and we know that there are simple and practical ways of eating healthier in your real and everyday life. So follow these 5 tips – they will get you off to a good start in choosing healthier food.

To learn much more and each point in detail, download our ‘Clean Eating Swaps’ guide.

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