Why Am I Craving Salt?

Late night salty snacks are my downfall! But in my defence, salt has a highly addictive flavour and our brains have evolved to enjoy the taste because it’s necessary for our survival. Ok, so perhaps salty crisps or soy sauce laden snacks are not exactly the answer to my bodies sodium needs. So, what’s the […]

How Much Exercise Should You Do Each Day?

Like anything in life – we are not into harsh restrictions. Therefore, it is no surprise that we don’t recommend a specific amount of time to workout. There is no miracle 12-minute workout that will cover everything. We are all different. Different body types, different muscle types, different skills and preferences, different levels of fitness […]

Stick to your Fitness and Weight loss Goals: 6 Easy Action Steps

Let’s get straight to the point. There are no shortcuts to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. Sure, you can do a dangerous diet to drop weight quickly, but you’ll find that weight (and more) just as fast as you lost it. You can hit the gym hard every few weeks, but that isn’t […]

10 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Spoiler alert – there is NO one food (or food group) that will MAKE you lose weight. The simple truth about losing weight is you need to burn more calories than you eat. BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks to making weight loss as easy as possible. Certain foods have properties that […]

Mindfulness, Hypocrisy and Burnout

Today’s blog is a bit more personal. Some thoughts, realizations, and advice from the Active8me founder and CEO Jeremy Rolleston. I have recently returned from my first real holiday in three years. Why is that significant you ask? And what does that have to do with mindfulness? And how is that relevant to you? Well […]

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Daily Energy

So, it’s not even lunchtime on Monday and you’re already craving a restful weekend. Or, you really want to get your workout done this evening, but you just have no energy. Sound familiar? While fatigue is often attributed to a lack of sleep or general busy-ness, there are other reasons you might be slumping through […]

10 Simple Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation

The countdown is on for your vacation. You’ve been eating well, exercising regularly and generally living a healthy lifestyle and it’s time to show off your improving body. You deserve a rest from work, to escape chores and indulge in relaxation. But do you really need to take a vacation from your healthy lifestyle or […]

13 Quick Fixes to Snap You Out of Your Bad Mood

Whether you woke on the wrong side of bed or everyone is just rubbing you the wrong way, it seems that all you feel like doing is laying on the couch and getting your sugar fix. So, you’re grumpy and having a bad day…it happens to us all, but hearing that doesn’t make it any […]

Know your Breads – Get the Doughy Truth on Which Bread is Best

Ok, hands up who is a little too obsessed with kaya toast for breakfast? Or you can’t resist dipping a sweet pandesal in your coffee? Or slop up every bit of curry with an extra chapati or two? We can understand why! While rice is still a staple across Asia, breads are certainly high up […]