If You Think Everything Sucks, You’re Probably Right!


If this title sparked your interest, then there are probably two things going on with you right now. Firstly, you feel exactly this way, that is, everything sucks! You’re jeans won’t do up, your job is on overdrive, you’re bed hair can’t be tamed, you can’t see the point in eating healthy, you’re Instagram feed is full of other people’s perfect lives, the list is endless. Secondly, you are at the point that you need to change your ‘everything sucks’ mode. But, if another person tells you to ‘look at the bright side’ you will explode! It’s ok. We get it. Life is not always perfect. For anyone. And that, is the first realisation to moving out of ‘everything sucks’ mode.

Life is not always perfect – Yes, sometimes everything sucks!

Shock horror, really?! With social media being the ‘highlight reel’ of life, sometimes we all need a little reminder that our lives are a patchwork of experiences. We have a variety of emotions to cater for every feeling under the sun. Sometimes, you must accept and feel the emotions that are not so nice, ie. everything sucks, to be able to appreciate the fun feelings.

Mindset tip  Be mindful. Give yourself a time-out token to acknowledge and express what you’re feeling in this present moment. The ‘what if’s’ are in the future and the ‘what could have been’ is in the past, so understand that you are making a choice about this second only.

Comparison used for good – Everything sucks compared to…

We often advise not to compare yourself with others. That type of comparison is a trap that feeds negative beliefs of achievement and success. Often the comparisons you make are not with what’s real, rather what others want you to see and believe. Think about it, who is ever going to put all the crappy parts of their life on Instagram? But, comparison is not all bad. Comparing can work both ways. You can compare to what you do have vs what you don’t. When you feel everything sucks, refocusing on small positive details will start to tip the balance away from this feeling.

Mindset tip  Make a mental list of all the small things you DO have. For example, instead of comparing your fat legs or flabby arms to others toned and fit parts, note that you have legs that can carry you through a workout or arms to hug your loved ones.

Use every available tool to combat your everything sucks issue

The most successful people in the world understand their personal strengths and utilise them well. Just as importantly, they know their weaknesses and engage the people or tools that will best overcome these weaknesses. Identifying why you feel everything sucks is the first step but putting mechanisms in place to get over it or avoid it in the future is the next step. When everything sucks, making definitive decisions can often add to the stress. This is where technology can help!

Proactive tip  Download the Active8me app today. Let us ease your indecision about healthy foods, the right workouts and the powerful thought process in a simple, easy to use program that will see you improve your health, fitness, waistline and your everything sucks attitude!

Reenergise your mind to lift the feeling of everything sucks

When everything sucks, it is often accompanied by fatigue, making it even harder to get your butt into gear. You expend a lot of mental energy trying to fight the feeling of ‘everything sucks’. This often manifests in feeling physical fatigue, making it harder for you to shift your body or your thinking. Despite your lack of enthusiasm, taking even some brief moments to immerse yourself in nature could be the answer to improving your lethargy, lightening your mood and reducing your ‘everything sucks’ attitude.

Movement tip  Getting out in nature is scientifically proven to boost both your psychological and physical being. Try taking a walk in the park during your lunch break or doing an Active8me workout in a green space to lift your mood and improve your outlook.

Eat to overcome everything sucks

No, we are not advocating emotional eating. If you take a good look at your diet surrounding your ‘everything sucks’ attitude, you might find a specific precursor. Food is a powerful tool. If you are lacking vitamin B – you will feel lethargic, making it difficult to motivate yourself. If you are low on iron your brain function can be impaired, making it easier for you to get stuck in ‘everything sucks’ mode. Additionally, the wellbeing of your gut is linked to your brain function and moods. Outside of your brain, your gut actually produces most of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for our ‘happy’ feelings. So, what better reason than to eat well – for pure happiness!

Activ8me if you think everything sux youre probably right girl hands on stomach forming heart gut health

Nutrition tip  Limit your intake of processed foods and eat a rainbow! A diverse range of fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans will not only improve the fibre (and feeling full) in your diet, it is beneficial for improving your gut microbiota.

Everything sucks, a little less

If you can utilise just one of these tips to make a small step away from feeling everything sucks then we promise that you will find it has a snowball effect. Life is not always perfect or easy, but it is the challenges you face that help you to know what you really do (or don’t) want from life. If you are looking for more direction, motivation and focus for your health and well-being try one of the Active8me programs today! It’s like having a personal trainer, dietician and life coach in your pocket. Active8me try it free today

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